Your Guide to Subway Bread Choices and Sauce Options

by Aniloka

Ordering at Subway for the first time can be a whirlwind experience. The promise of customizing your sandwich is fully realized – from the choice of bread, veggies, to the variety of sauces. Who knew the world of bread and sauces could be this expansive?

As a newcomer, you might opt for recommended options, playing it safe initially.

However, if you’re someone stepping into Subway for the first time, or perhaps a regular customer looking to diversify your palette, this guide is for you. Below, we’ve provided a comprehensive breakdown of Subway’s bread and sauce options, enabling you to venture into new territories on your next Subway visit.

A. Subway Bread Choices

Crafting your perfect sandwich at Subway starts with understanding the range of Subway bread choices. This guide aims to introduce the different types of bread available and highlight the unique characteristics of each.

So, let’s delve deeper into the world of Subway bread choices:

  1. Subway White Bread (Italian Bread): This is Subway’s default bread and it’s the simplest option. It’s soft and chewy with a slightly crispy exterior, providing a satisfying bite without overpowering the fillings. Its mild flavor makes it an excellent canvas for a variety of sandwiches. Made with common ingredients like flour, water, yeast, and salt, it’s a basic but versatile choice for any Subway sandwich.
  2. Subway Wheat Bread (9-Grain Wheat Bread): This is a healthier choice compared to the white bread due to its higher fiber content. It’s made with a combination of grains such as whole wheat flour, barley, rye, millet, oats, and more. This bread has a slightly nutty taste and a denser texture than the white bread, adding complexity to the flavors of your sandwich. The slightly darker color and the visible grains also give it a rustic appeal.
  3. Subway Wheat Honey Oat Bread (Honey Oat Bread): This bread is a variant of the wheat bread with the addition of oats on top and a hint of honey for sweetness. The oats add a satisfying crunch and the honey offers a subtle sweetness that contrasts nicely with salty fillings. It pairs exceptionally well with breakfast-style or poultry sandwiches due to its sweeter profile. The added oats on the crust also increase the nutritional content of the bread, offering additional fiber.
  4. Subway White Parmesan Oregano Bread (Italian Herbs and Cheese Bread): This is the Italian white bread with an exciting twist. Topped with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and a hint of oregano, this bread is full of flavor. The cheese adds a tangy, salty note, while the oregano imparts a warm, slightly bitter taste that pairs well with a variety of fillings. When toasted, the cheese becomes melty and the bread acquires an enticing aroma, making it a favorite choice for many.
  5. Subway White Garlic Bread (Roasted Garlic Bread): A treat for garlic lovers, this bread incorporates the robust flavor of roasted garlic, adding a deep, sweet, and slightly pungent note to your sandwich. The garlic pairs especially well with Italian meats and cheeses, but it’s versatile enough to work with many other combinations as well. The bread itself has a similar texture to the classic white bread, but the addition of garlic gives it a flavor upgrade that makes your Subway sandwich all the more enjoyable.


B. Subway Sauce Options

Likewise, acquainting yourself with the variety of Subway sauce options can significantly enhance your sandwich experience. From the sweet and tangy to the smoky and spicy, we’re going to uncover the delights each sauce brings to the table.

Here’s a comprehensive list of Subway sauce options:

  1. Sweet Onion Sauce: This is a sweet and tangy sauce, with a gentle spice kick from the onion. The flavor is complex, balancing sweetness from the sugar with the tartness of vinegar and a unique onion flavor. It has a smooth, syrup-like consistency and is perfect for adding a sweet zing to any sandwich.
  2. BBQ Sauce: Subway’s BBQ sauce is smoky, sweet, and a bit tangy. It’s a traditional barbecue sauce with a rich, bold flavor that can add a bit of Southern-style charm to your sandwich. It pairs particularly well with meats like chicken or beef, making it a popular choice for hearty, meat-filled subs.
  3. Honey Mustard Sauce: This sauce combines the sweet smoothness of honey with the tangy, slightly spicy flavor of mustard. It’s creamy, with a balanced flavor profile that’s neither too sweet nor too tangy. Honey Mustard can enhance the taste of many sandwich fillings, and it’s particularly good with turkey or ham.
  4. Yellow Mustard: This classic sauce is tangy, with a bit of a kick. It has a vibrant yellow color and a creamy consistency that’s slightly thinner than honey. Yellow mustard adds a distinct tangy flavor to your sandwich, perfect for those who enjoy a bit of tartness in their meal.
  5. Mayonnaise: This is a classic, creamy sauce with a smooth, rich texture. It has a slightly sweet, slightly tangy flavor that can help balance out the tastes of other ingredients, adding moisture and richness to sandwiches. It’s versatile and pairs well with almost any sub.
  6. Thousand Island: This is a tangy, sweet, and slightly spicy sauce with bits of pickle relish mixed in. Its creamy texture and distinctive flavor can add depth and complexity to your sandwich. Thousand Island sauce works exceptionally well with chicken and beef, but it’s versatile enough to complement a wide variety of subs.
  7. Chili Sauce: Subway’s chili sauce brings a spicy, sweet, and slightly tangy flavor to the table. It’s a great option if you want to add a bit of heat to your sub. It pairs well with a variety of meats, making it a versatile choice for those who like their sandwiches with a kick.
  8. Tomato Sauce (Marinara Sauce): A staple in Italian cuisine, Subway’s tomato sauce is savory, tangy, and a bit sweet. Made with tomatoes, garlic, and herbs, it brings a depth of flavor that pairs particularly well with meatballs or other Italian-style subs. It’s a hearty and robust sauce that can make your sub taste like a meal in an Italian restaurant.
  9. Chipotle Southwest Sauce: This is a creamy, smoky sauce with a noticeable kick. It’s made with a base of mayonnaise, into which chipotle peppers (smoked, dried jalapenos) are mixed, along with a blend of spices. The resulting flavor is smoky, slightly spicy, and a touch tangy. It’s a favorite for those who enjoy a bit of heat in their sandwich without going into overly spicy territory. It pairs exceptionally well with chicken, steak, or any sandwich that could use a smoky, zesty upgrade.
  10. Olive Oil: Olive oil is a bit of an unsung hero when it comes to sauces. It’s mild in flavor but it adds a subtle, rich, and somewhat fruity note to your sandwich. It also gives your meal a smooth, velvety texture. Plus, it’s a healthier option if you’re watching your calorie intake.
  11. Ranch: Ranch sauce is creamy, cool, and savory, with a hint of garlic and onion. It’s thick, making it a great choice for those who like their sandwich dripping with flavor. This American classic can add a punch of bold, creamy goodness to any sandwich.
  12. Red Wine Vinegar: This is a tangy and slightly sweet sauce that can add a splash of acidity to balance out the flavors of your sandwich. Its taste is robust, making it a good choice for those who want to add a bit of a gourmet touch to their meal.

Disclaimer: Please note that sauce availability may vary based on location, so not all of these sauces may be available at your local Subway. Always check with your local restaurant to see what they have to offer.


C. Subway Bread and Sauce Combinations

Building on the understanding of individual flavors and textures, we bring you a few recommendations for the best Subway bread and sauce combinations. Remember, taste is highly personal, and these suggestions are based on classic flavor pairings. The ultimate combo is the one that you enjoy the most!

Here are some intriguing combinations to consider:

  1. Subway White Bread (Italian Bread) + Sweet Onion Sauce and Mayonnaise: The simplicity of the white bread allows the sweet and tangy flavors of the sweet onion sauce to shine. Adding mayonnaise will lend a creamy texture, complimenting the soft and chewy Italian bread nicely.
  2. Subway Wheat Bread (9-Grain Wheat Bread) + Honey Mustard Sauce and Mayonnaise: The nutty and complex flavors of the wheat bread pair well with the sweet and tangy honey mustard sauce. Adding mayonnaise not only enhances the richness but also balances the overall flavor profile.
  3. Subway Wheat Honey Oat Bread (Honey Oat Bread) + BBQ Sauce and Chili Sauce: The sweet and crunchy honey oat bread works well with the smoky BBQ sauce. Add a touch of the chili sauce to introduce a spicy kick, making for a bold and flavor-packed sandwich.
  4. Subway White Parmesan Oregano Bread (Italian Herbs and Cheese Bread) + Thousand Island Sauce and Mayonnaise: The herby and cheesy bread paired with the tangy, sweet, and slightly spicy Thousand Island sauce creates a flavor burst. Mayonnaise is added to balance the bold flavors and add some creaminess.
  5. Subway White Garlic Bread (Roasted Garlic Bread) + Tomato Sauce (Marinara Sauce) and Chipotle Southwest Sauce: The robust garlic flavor of the bread pairs perfectly with the savory marinara sauce, giving you an Italian flavor experience. Adding the Chipotle Southwest Sauce introduces a smoky and slightly spicy kick, rounding off this delicious combo.

In conclusion, the multitude of Subway bread choices and sauce options is what truly makes Subway a foodie’s delight. Be it the classic Subway White Bread or the wholesome Subway Wheat Honey Oat Bread, or the enticing dance of flavors from the spicy Chili Sauce to the smooth, rich Mayonnaise – Subway offers a veritable playground of tastes. So the next time you’re placing your order, venture out of your comfort zone! Experiment with different combinations of Subway bread types and sauces. You never know, you might just stumble upon your new favorite. The secret to relishing the ultimate Subway sandwich lies in understanding the distinct flavors of their diverse bread and sauce options. So, gear up to explore and savor the feast of flavors Subway brings to your plate!

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