[PHOTO] Picnic Night Enjoying Classical Music Concert at Monas 2023

by Aniloka

(Jakarta’s Outdoor Classical Music Concert)
Date– October 15, 2023
– October 23, 2022
*It looks like they usually hold this event every October
VenueMonas (The National Monument) Jakarta

On Sunday night, October 15, 2023, Jakarta’s famous landmark, Monas (the National Monument), was transformed into a classical music park. This outdoor classical music concert, organized by Aula Simfonia Jakarta, was also held on October 23, 2022.

The concert showcased beloved classical pieces, with performances by the Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra and the Jakarta Oratorio Society, all under the expert guidance of Mr. Stephen Tong. As the night unfolded, the stages lit up with soft blue lights that spread out like lasers. The towering monument, illuminated in bright pink, stood as a beacon, inviting everyone to come and enjoy the classical music.

This event was entirely free. You didn’t need to register or anything. The event is usually held in October every year and starts at 6:30. If you want to join this kind of event, you just need to know the schedule by checking the Instagram @aulasimfoniajakarta and coming to Monas (The National Monument) in Jakarta.

The committee had prepared chairs for seating right in front of the stage, but they were taken up so quickly, especially by those who had lined up since the afternoon. But don’t worry, Monas is spacious. You could join in, like many did, opting for a more relaxed setting on the grass around the stage.

While Jakarta’s skyline was dominated by tall buildings, the green lawns of Monas stood out as a unique and special spot. Sometimes, a comfy spot on the grass, a starry night, and soul-stirring music are all you need. With the city’s glowing skyline serving as a backdrop, many people sat comfortably on the grass, immersing themselves in the harmonious music.

Some families let their kids play around at the back, and many came prepared with picnic mats and their own snacks. If you felt thirsty, there were vending machines at Monas stocked with water and soft drinks. Inside the gates, there were no sellers, but outside the gates, there were quite a few, especially after the event ended. Since they weren’t selling snacks, it was a good idea to bring your own.

Honestly, in my opinion, lying down on a picnic mat on the grass felt much better than sitting in a chair. It provided a laid-back atmosphere to truly appreciate the performance, especially if you came prepared with water and some snacks, as the event lasted until around 9 p.m., for about 2.5 hours. So, be prepared.


During the Konser Akbar Monas on October 15, 2023, the Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra and the Jakarta Oratorio Society performed the following classical pieces:

  • Indonesia Raya
  • Bagimu Negeri
  • Nyiur Hijau
  • Rayuan Pulau Kelapa
  • Dari Sabang Sampai Merauke
  • Varia Ibukota
  • Mars Pancasila
  • Bangun Pemudi Pemuda
  • Kebyar-kebyar
  • Skaters Waltz by Waldteufel
  • Light Cavalry Overture by Suppé
  • Easter Hymn from Cavalleria Rusticana by Mascagni
  • Finlandia by Sibelius
  • Toreadors from Carmen by Bizet
  • Cat Song by Rossini
  • Brindisi from La Traviata by Verdi
  • Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Brahms
  • Swan Lake Waltz by Tchaikovsky
  • Flower Duet from Lakme by Delibes
  • Sabre Dance from Gayaneh by Khachaturian
  • Soldier’s Chorus from Faust by Gounod
  • William Tell Overture (Finale) by Rossini
  • Kaiser Waltz by Strauss II
  • Symphony No. 5, Mov 4 by Beethoven
  • Chorus Of Hebrew Slaves from Nabucco by Verdi
  • 1812 Overture (Finale) by Tchaikovsky.

The musicians, all highly skilled, played with immense heart. Everyone could feel their passion. The mix of beautiful tunes with the city setting created a memorable experience.

In 2022, I also attended the same event, and at that time, the spotlight was on Joshua Zhongshu Chen, a piano prodigy from Fujian, China, born in 2011. Beginning his piano journey at the age of five, Joshua quickly showcased his incredible talent. He has won 75 top awards from global competitions, such as the Beethoven Prize at the London Youth Piano Competition in 2021 and the First Prize at Poland’s International Piano Competition Music Phenomena in 2020. This young maestro has graced renowned stages like Carnegie Hall in New York and studied under prominent pianists, including Jahja Ling. In 2023, the event highlighted another prodigious talent: a 9-year-old girl who astonished the audience with her outstanding violin skills.

Watching city folks, often busy racing against time, take a moment to relax and enjoy the music was truly touching. Friends chatted and shared laughs, families had fun, some enjoyed snacks, and others simply lay back, eyes closed, soaking in the music.

In an era where most entertainment comes with a cost, this free music evening was a delightful exception. It’s a reminder that you can find joy in simple things. So, if you hear about another free event at Monas or somewhere else, don’t miss it. Grab some snacks, call your buddies, and go have fun. The city’s noise might have a hidden musical treat waiting for you.

If you’re residing in or visiting Jakarta around October, consider checking their Instagram @aulasimfoniajakarta for similar future events.



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